Week III Edition

a loss for words, an explanation


This week I took a long and well-needed break from writing to assess my life choices. (laughing but not really.) I want to be a content writer but the problem being, can I keep the motivation to write every day?

I got my feelings hurt this week by someone, and I’m just feeling down about my writing. It’s as if the past couple of weeks, I’ve been on cloud nine, racing the skies with every idea possible and tapping my fingers to the keys relentlessly. The encounter with this person left a bad taste in my mouth that discouraged me and had me criticizing my own written words.

As I clicked around my articles on different platforms, I was faced with the sobering thought, “Why am I even doing this?” It depressed me to the point that I left my laptop closed and notebook unpenned the entire week.

Last night, a thought ran through my mind. “I do have a newsletter I’m trying to get into people’s emails that I’ve currently issued every Friday or Saturday for the last two weeks…” So today, in the midst of boredom, I opened my laptop once more to start this week’s newsletter.

And here we are. (again, laughing, but not really.)

So now I’m faced with the decision of what content to put into this week’s newsletter. Here’s what I’ve settled with. Enjoy.


On Medium, the only article I published this week was the following. Feel free to check it out if you have dogs or are just plain curious.

-What Separation Anxiety in Dogs Looks Like

I enjoyed researching & writing this article. It was inspired by a couple of writing jobs I applied for last week for dog niche writers. Unfortunately, I never heard anything back from either position, so I’m assuming they hired someone else. (I’m just so positive this week - sorry! It gets better, I promise.)


From my “Separation Anxiety in Dogs” article above, the following paragraph was cut because I felt it drifted from the topic a bit.

“Maybe she doesn’t have separation anxiety. Maybe I’m just presuming she does and she really doesn’t. I feel I have a deep connection with my dog that I can tell just from her body language that she’s getting anxious. When I tell her I’m leaving, her eyes will get big, and she’ll look away. I swear she has a worried expression. I suppose it could be my own anxiety about leaving my dog alone, but she’s never given me any reason to have the anxiety about leaving her alone. She’s never tore anything up, and she’s never gone potty in the house. I can only sense her anxiety, be it there or not. Sometimes I can hear her whining as I close the door, and it makes me feel so bad.“

I’m sure a lot of you dog owners can relate to this feeling. Most animal lovers develop a deep emotional connection with their pets and can sense their feelings.


When it gets warmer out, I tend to drink tea less for some reason. Today at lunch, I decided to make a cup. Here’s what I took out from my most recent Sipsby box.

Featured Tea of the WeekApricot Sunrise by Ahmad Tea

When I got this, I thought, “Now how in the hell can you have a fruity black tea?” My tastebuds were not disappointed in the least by this one. I love my black teas, and I enjoyed this one with some milk and a hint of sugar, not much. Don’t want to take away from the apricot flavor!


BECAUSE I felt the mood of this week’s newsletter was too depressing, I picked the following song to amp things up a bit.

Off her 2020 album Plastic Hearts, this was my favorite song. Not just because it has Billy Idol in it, but it’s so totally danceable. This album is by far my absolute favorite of 2020, and anyone that knows me knows it’s unusual for me to listen to anything this “pop” -ish. I just felt like this album was the anthem for 2020 for me, plus the 1980s are my favorite, so of course, I loved this album. :)


What has been your favorite part of the Newsletters thus far?

-Tea of the Week

-Song of the Week

-Unreleased Info

-Unpublished Article


Thanks for reading thus far, and I hope you enjoyed this week’s issue. Leave a comment & let me know your thoughts.

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