This week on Nikkole Writes (vol. 1)

Website launch, local business interview, & a poll

Welcome to the very first issue of NW Newsletter volume one.

This week was a busy week for me. I got some pieces posted on my Medium profile, got my website launched, & even got to interview a local business owner for a piece to promote her business.

I enjoyed getting a chance to interview Ya-Ya (Yakiena) and post an article to promote her small business. It was my first ever interview with someone! I had to sit deep in thought to develop my questions for her. It took me about an hour to come up with them, but I couldn’t stop once I started! The one thing I left out of the article was my questions to her about USPS. Had she had any trouble with them as far as any delays or packages getting lost in the mail?

“Oh yes, definitely. I had a problem with the post office coming to pickup a package and I’ve had delays in my products getting here”. she writes.

-My favorite article on Medium this week was probably my last article:

"Being a Writer From the Start"

I feel like it showcased how much I’m improving as a writer and my personal views on what it’s like being on Medium for a week. I got great feedback from my writing group, the Build Your Voice campaign about it.


Okay, so I just unsubscribed from my Sipsby box, but now I’m worried because I’ve added this section, I’m going to have to re-activate it. LOL!

Featured Tea of the Week: “Almond Cookie Black” by Cookie Tea

So we all know how much I love my black teas. Here’s the “tea” on this one… Have you ever thought of taking a sip of a tea and getting the sweetness and warmth of a shortbread cookie? That’s exactly what I tasted when I tried this. Of course, I added a splash of milk & some sugar. It’s amazing! How can you get a tea to taste like a cookie? It’s like magic!

-Song of the Week

This week’s song was hard to pick for my first issue. I decided on this one, I know it’s old (2019), but I still love it all the same. It describes me to a ‘T,’ and it’s totally catchy. I haven’t heard much from YUNGBLUD lately. Hmmmmm.

I tried listening to some of the newer rock stations on Spotify, and nothing appealed to me. Hopefully, there will be some good “summer anthems” coming soon.

I feel like I shared so much this week - to my website, to Medium, to my socials. I know it’s so much to take in. You have to understand; I’m just starting, so I need all the shares and likes I can get. I’m promoting myself to get more of an online presence and to get my business recognized.


What do you want to see most in next week’s newsletter?

  • An exclusive Newsletter blog post

  • More hidden info like the USPS bit

  • Another type of Product Review

  • Other

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Thanks so much for reading & I hope you enjoyed it! See you next week!