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I’m Nikkole Writes. I have my own freelance writing business as a content writer. I write primarily about mental health, religions, and pets. I specialize in these topics for the following reasons:

1.) I suffer from Bi-Polar Disorder.

2.) I grew up in a Methodist church and stopped attending services around age 16, later becoming a practicing Wiccan in 2010. I’ve researched many different religions until finding Wicca and leaving Christianity behind. I believe in the term “coexist” and that we can exist in harmony within our religions. All religions are just different paths to the same truth.

3.) I started coming up in the world with cats, my mom found my step-dad when I was four, and he was very much a dog person. Thus we changed over to being dog people. I’ve been around dogs all my life, specifically Pit Bulls and Presa Canarios. I have a dog of my own. A Presa Canario named Lucky. I also have been around ferrets since I was in high school. We ended up starting a ferrety family of our own in 2011 and have had eight ferrets total since then, including the four we own now.

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